1/72 Revell ACH-64 Martillo

Gallery Article by Dairo Sánchez on May 8 2009



Colombian Air Force

This is my "What if " thinking about a heavy transport helicopter with gunship capability, at imaginary service for Colombian Air Force. Model was painted and finished using  brushes. 

Built from the Revell's old kit Sky Crane CH-54, more accurately the version CH-64. Rocket launchers, fuel tank, machinegun, antennas and other additions are from Dragon kits and scratch. Decals are from Tropidecal.

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For better performance in the tough conflict, the airship looks a reinforced frontal landing gear, protection for the engine, vision and gunnery sensors. Long range fuel tanks were added too.

Due to its load capacity, fire power and technological improvements the name given to this aircraft is Martillo (Hammer).

Thanks one more time, best regards to everybody.

Dairo Sánchez

Photos and text © by Dairo Sánchez