1/72 Airfix Me. Bf. 109G-6

Gallery Article by Paolo De Sanctis on May 14 2009


The Messerschmitt Bf. 109 single seat fighter was the most famous German fighter of W.W.2 and she was produced in greater numbers than any other aircraft in that war. The ‘F’ version (the best of all) in 1942 was replaced by the G version.  This version – which was to be built in larger numbers than all the others combined, was in some respects inferior to the earlier a/c. In spite of being fitted with a slightly more powerful engine, the so famous Daimler-Benz D.B.605A, she was heavier and slower than her previous models. Her armament was far better and consisted of one 20mm MG.151 cannon firing through the propeller hub, two MG. 131 machine-guns on the cowling and sometimes another two 21cm rockets beneath the wings for her anti-raid interception role.

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THE MODEL.  This is, in fact, the second half of my previous work (see: “Frog Torbeau”) in which I built an Airfix “Dogfight-Double” series box of the Me. 109 & Beaufighter, replacing this latter with the far better Frog counterpart.

Yes, the Airfix Bf.109 has seen far better days so far but I just love it because it was my first Messerschmitt I built when – as child – I’ started my modeller’s career, in long ago 1972.  Today I’ve much better kits also, like the top-scoring Hasegawa one, along with the quite good Italeri sample.  But this particular kit is fine to me because of its “memorabilia aura” that is still bearing.  Perhaps it is interesting to know that another two “versions” (read: clones) of this box appeared around the beginning of the ‘70s, the 1/48 one by the Starfix firm and the very nice and much improved 1/72 Polistil  version (“Polikit KA3”), this latter released around 1975.

My model, an original Airfix sample, was built OOB, except for the propeller blades and the wheels, replaced by far better resin copies by a friend of mine and the scratch-built cockpit. The colours, all in the Humbrol range are RLM74/74/76 which I  matched with Humbrol 32, 125 and 127 respectively. In this configuration this is the Messerschmitt 109 per antonomasia for my humble opinion (and taste!).

Happy modelling to all the site’s friends!

Paolo De Sanctis

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