1/72 Hasegawa Sukhoi Su-27S Flanker

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles GODDET on May 15 2009


Red 08 Lipetsk AB

This model is a Hasegawa 1/72 Sukhoi 27 Flanker from the box except decals coming from Linden Hill Decals. It shows the special scheme of a Flanker at Lipetsk Air Base in Russia with two sharks one on each side of the fuselage. This aircraft is from 4th Centre for Combat Application and Training of Air crew a Russian equivalent of American Navy TopGun/NSAWC school or test USAF squadrons from Edwards or Nellis AB. In one word this squadron is the elite pilots of Russian air force. Decals come from LINDEN HILL decals (Item number 72-014).The upper and lower camouflage is flanker light blue X-Tracolor X602  (would be FS35526). The decals are easy to install, the film is strong but I added some paint correction after decal application because the tail of the shark didn't match with the body/teeth part. I used Mr Color 322 (Phythalo cyanine blue). As is shown on pictures on the Linden Hill instructions the plane is very clean because it was repainted so I added a little weathering to paint scheme. This plane before it was repainted showed only one shark on one side on a classical original 3 blue scheme.

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The front and main gears internal doors are painted in Gloss Red Humbrol 19.  Engines are in aluminium metallic Humbrol 56 and weathering in burnt steel Humbrol 53.  I also used Gold and blue colors to reflect the burnt style.  Engines on the flanker are really amazing with a lot of different steel colors, I tried my best, but it's not easy to show the complexity of colors.  To make the model more realistic I decided to open the canopy and show the ejection seat a resin model with seat belts engraved. The plane is slick with no weapon pylons as on the pictures but I added a fine tube for the mouth of the gun.

So this kit is easy to assemble with a lot of accurate parts: white metal main and front gears, photocut metal details (canopy mirrors, engines protection...).    I know that the nose doesn't have the correct shape, but I think it is the best 1/72 flanker kit for the moment.


Jean-Charles GODDET

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles GODDET