1/32 Academy F-16

Gallery Article by William Anderson on May 22 2009


Hello all! This is my second submission to ARC and my first attempt at an F-16.  I know that we all have read the pages and pages battling back and forth over Academy or Tamiya.  Me personally I'm not a rivet counter or this panel line is wrong.  I do it for my own personal enjoyment.  I'm sure there will be alot of guys that will say this and that is incorrect on this model, but I hope you enjoy!

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I've seen may F-16s done on this site that are really great, but I was tired of seeing the normal grey schemes.  So with a little research I went with the Fulcrum scheme.  All in all the Academy kit builds up nice.  The only real fit problem that I found was the exhaust seemed to be a little misshapen and created a small gap.  Nothing a little putty and sanding couldn't cure!  Like with most 32nd scale planes a resin cockpit is a must! I went with the Avionix viper tub and seat.  It is an excellent casting very highly recommended.  I also went with the metal landing gear since the kit only comes with the plastic.  What's a model without a full roll out ordnance load??? So I loaded her up with everything I could. GBUs, JDAMs, sidewinders, AIM 120s Yes to all the critics I know the Aggressor Squadrons don't carry that kind of ordnance but it make the lines of the F-16 look so much better.

Hope you all enjoy. Would enjoy any feed back you all have!

William Anderson

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Photos and text by William Anderson