1/32 Tamiya F-14A Tomcat

Gallery Article by Albert Michailidis on May 21 2009


Hello.  I am Albert from Greece and this is my first submission to the ARC.  It took about 2 years to complete this project including many dead periods.

The model is the Tamiya one with Eduard interior set and Kinetic seats.  Probably all Tomcat fans know about the problems of this kit such as the dreadful cockpit, the half engraved-half recessed panel lines, the poor fitting and some other of minor importance. On the other hand the shape of the model is dead accurate, the landing gear is magnificent, the engines very nice and the seats are not bad.  Plus the reboxed bombcat version offers new engine nozzles and very nicely detailed loads.  I had to put a lot of effort on this kit.  All the panel lines were rescribed and a lot of scratchbuilding was done in the cockpit and the landing gear wells.  I decided to stick with the A model and use the kits decals for VF-14 Tophatters except from the squadron insignias on the tail fins which I wanted them in low visibility as I saw in some pictures from Afghanistan.  

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The colors used were model master and Humbrol enamel paints and Gunze acrylic paints. The model was weathered quite heavily but I wanted to retain the shape of the F-14 as much as possible so I didnít add any open panels and I fitted both the exhaust nozzles in afterburner zone, also the stabilators were set in lined with the fuselage and not hanging. The previous aspects are common on parked F-14ís but there are some photos from air shows mainly that feature the Tomcat with both cans open and the stabilators in line with the wings. 

This model won the third place in its category at 2008 IPMS Greece show.  Enjoy the photos. Thanks.

Albert Michailidis

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Photos and text © by Albert Michailidis