1/32 Revell EC-135 T2i D-HZSC

Gallery Article by Julian Schüngel


This is a model of the rescue helicopter "Christoph 3" based at Cologne/Bonn airport, in former times at a hospital in Cologne Merheim. The D-HZSC started it's duty on June 22 2007 and replaced the BO-105 CBS. The helicopter is flown by pilots of the Federal Police, the medical crew comes from the local station operator. It belongs to the Federal Bureau of Civil Protection and Disaster Management (or how wikipedia says: Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance / / /BBK = Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe), part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI = Bundesministerium des Innern). Those new helicopters are equipped for HEMS, utilizing the quick change AAT Air Ambulance Technology modul, the navigation system EuroNav IV, SatCom, and the HELLAS obstacle warning system.

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The build took over two years with many breaks. Pictures can be found here:


I used parts from Revell's kits of the EC-135 Air Zermatt, EC-145 REGA, and EC-135 ADAC. Many things were scratchbuilt and the decals are homemade.
Things I corrected/added/optimized during the built (in opposite to the normal kit):

- whole new EMS Interior (oxygen tanks, defribilator, masks, bags, stretcher,....)
- using the EC145 panel/console, adding all types of switchs, Hellas etc
- new overhead panel, detailled stick&pitch, HEMS controller coverings
- fire extinguisher, SPH-4/5 helmets
- better looking/detailled seats
- map material
- sun protection 

- rear window, rear doors opening systems
- tank cover plate
- corrected skids, Hellas, landing light, loud speakers
- more realistic engine exhausts (detailled inside)
- tinted glass on the front glass
- antennas (GPS etc)
- door handles, several electrical connections, new pitot tubes, step lights
- fix points for a pilot's mirror (long line rescue)
- several holes here and there & nor AC on the left side
- optimized WSPS

Main rotor:
- corrected direction
- everything like the real one (damper, swashplate, plates & "antenna" at the outer half of the blades,....)
- handles, antennas
- corrected blade positions/ longer blades, control rods, etc
- shorter tail fin

Plus all the things I don't remember.

I hope you like it  !

Julian Schüngel

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