1/32 Trumpeter SU-27B "Flanker"

Gallery Article by Timothy H. Zarco on May 21 2009


The SU-27 by Trumpeter in 1/32nd scale is a relatively old kit from Trumpeter.  It is to date, the largest 1:32 kit available here in the Philippines and my SU-27 took well over two months to complete.  I replaced the kit provided ejection seat with a Black-Box cockpit.  When I damaged the kit provided canopy with lacquer thinner I replaced it with a Zactomodel Canopy kit. 

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The model was painted with Gunze lacquers and Alclad 2 lacquer paints for the bare-metal engine section and afterburners.  Due to a lack of readily available markings online, I decided to use the kit provided markings.  Overall, this SU-27 was a fun and challenging build, particularly because it was my first large scale aircraft and only the 7th plane that I have ever built.

Thanks to IPMS Manila (IPMS USA 2007 Chapter of the Year) for providing advice and support in the building of this model.  

Timothy H. Zarco

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Photos and text by Timothy H. Zarco