F-14 Super Tomcat VF-2 Artwork

Gallery Article by Alexander Breunig on May 25 2009

  Memorial Day 2009 


What can I say? I'm a jet afficionado and the Tomcat has always been my absolute favourite and it still hurts to see her now in museums instead on the deck of an aircraft carrier. It was a maintenance issue and yes there are more advanced fighters out there now but it will always stay the unbeaten queen of the skies. TOMCAT FOREVER....BABY!

I always enjoyed painting and especially everything aviation-related. Some may already have realized that I have a slightly perverted affinity for the Tomcat and painting the lady is a nice way to serve that little passion for the big fighter. But of course just doing Tomcats would be a little too lousy so there is also nice Blackbird and an Eagle somewhere.

Iím planning to do a little picture book about the Tomcat with illustrations covering some of the most memorable moments of the jetís career, but I admit Iím already sitting on that little project for about two years now aside my regular job. Aaaawwww maaaaan if I only had a little more time. Well letís see if/when I ever get that done.

If anyone is interested in my other stuff, here is a link to my gallery: http://www.bushande.deviantart.com/


Alexander Breunig

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