1/48 Hasegawa F-86F-30 Sabre

Gallery Article by David Rapasi on May 27 2009


This model depicts the F-86F-1 S/N 51-2897, 31 FIS, 51 FIW, that was flown by Lt. James L. Thomson, K13, 1953.

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"The Huff" started out with a standard "F" slatted wing, but later received the '6-3 Hard Wing at Suwan in 1953.

To create this version of the F-86F-1, the fuselage was modified where the wings attach by removing the fairings for the '6-3 wing. The wings and slats from a Revell F-86D were installed.

The silver is a custom made lacquer paint, the colors are Model Master Paints, and the decals are from Cutting Edge, CED-48174

David Rapasi

Photos and text by David Rapasi