1/72 Hasegawa Beaufighter Mk.21

Gallery Article by Zafer Yilmaz on May 19 2009

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Hello All!
This is 1:72 scale Hasegawa's Beaufighter Mk.21.This version was produced by DAP (Department of Aviation Production) in Australia during WWII.  364 of these machines were built and served till the late 50's. They usually flew in dark green color with nice tail or nose arts.  Perhaps Aussie Beaufighters were strangest Beaufighters among all.  That is why I picked this kit.

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If we should mention about beaufighter; it wasn't as famous as the Mosquito or Spitfire, but it served in all fronts successfully; from the coasts of England to the Pacific.  Even it was named as 'Whispering death' by the Japanese because of its silent engines.  Mk.21versions  had 2 Hercules CVII engines, 4 20mm cannons in nose and 4 .50 calibre Browning on wings.  Also the plane carried HVAR rockets and various bombs against ground targets.
Lets talk about the kit and assembly;
Hasegawa does not surprise us with nice fitting and crispy details but I must admit cockpit details are a bit weak.  As a bonus Hasegawa gives a pair of metal exhausts that  looks pretty realistic (perhaps that was the best part of the kit).  I faced no fit problems and didn't touch my Vallejo putty. I used Modelmaster Fs34092 dark green as instructions told.  I lightened green with white and sprayed into middle of panels.  For metal parts I used Gunze chromsilver.  Decals went well with Microsol solution.  For gloss coat I used Tamiya X-22 then washed the plane with oil paint and for finishing I used Modelmaster's matt coat.  Chipping effects are made by Modelmaster silver.

I can say that I was glad when my little green Beaufighter land its place on my shelf.  It seems nice with funny tail-art 'A hornet with hat says: You will find no honey here!' and plane looks cool with metal exhausts.  I recommend it to all WWII British (And Commonwealth) fans..
At the end of my short article I would like to thanks my bro Emad from Lebanon for his advice and my friend Ayhan for taking these pics..
Happy modelling!
Zafer Yilmaz

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Photos and text by Zafer Yilmaz