1/48 Classic Airframe GANNET ASW MK.1/4

Gallery Article by Busolini Massimo on July 10 2009


824 Squadron, HMS Ark Royal, 1956

This model is the ASW GANNET FAIREY Mk.1/4 in 1/48 scale of the Classic Airframe.

The model is composed of part that are thick but very workable, and finish up with panels all with recessed panel lines that are fine and realistic, and pieces in resins, as part of the cockpits, the vain carts, etc.

Naturally this not a model for beginners and requires a lot of attention to reach a good result.

How to be seen from the pictures, the cockpits have had problems, neither the closing of the two hulls of the fuselages, but in the union of the anterior part, in resins, that fitted well a few with the part remainder of the fuselage.

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I have resolved the problem with my drill, and a fed up good deal of, and to the end he has gone all to place.

The only thing that has left me a perplexed, has been the quality of the instrument panels where waited me that were carried out in photoengraving, instead of the simple panels of the kit in plastics, but patience!!!

For painting as usual I painted the entire airplane in Flat Black, and waited a day for the drying, then started with the Sky color from Humbrol, panel for panel, and subsequently being more far by the model have sprinkled to conform the all. 

Same does with the color extra Dark Sea Gray always of the Humbrol, naturally cleared with some Flat White drop.

After this I have applied two coats of shiny transparent varnish to prepare the way for the decals and then eliminate the annoying "Silvering"!!!

The top quality decals, are a finely crafted product by Cartograf and permit the possibility to realize four Gannet, and exactly an English, and is what I have chosen, a German, an Indonesian and finally an Australian.

Soften with the Mr. Mark Softer from Gunze, a dry time has given other two hands of shiny transparent varnish in way to seal it all.

And to the end I applied in an irregular manner the transparent opaque varnish but applied it in a very thin manner in a way to realizing a glazed but irregular finish.

Busolini Massimo

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Photos and text by Busolini Massimo