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1/48 Sea Kings #1 decal sheet

Product # CED48008 for $8.99

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 2 2004




This new decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks includes markings for 4 different 1/48 Sea Kings from 4 different countries including the UK, US, Canada and Norway.  The recommended kit for these decals is the 1/48 Hasegawa kit with the Cutting Edge conversion.

The first aircraft is a Royal Navy Rescue Sea King #820 with 771 Squadron out of RNAS Culdrose.  The paint scheme is Medium Sea Grey overall with signal red nose and tail boom area.  For nose art there is the Ace of Clubs playing card.  Markings include a 820 on the side below the cockpit windows and a big 20 on the rear fuselage.

The second aircraft is a Norwegian Sea King Mk 43  #069 with 330 Squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force out of Bado, Norway in 1974.  The paint scheme is overall Titanine White with Dockerblaze nose and tail boom area as well as a diagonal stripe half way along the tail boom.  On the side of the fuselage is big black text "REDNINGSTJENESTE".  Markings include a black 069 on the tail and on the front above the cockpit.  

The third aircraft is a Royal Canadian Navy CHSS-2 Sea King #4001/01 HS-50 out of Shearwater, Nova Scotia in 1964.  The paint scheme is Light Grey overall with Dark Grey on the top and Day-glo signal red nose and a band on tail boom.  Markings include a black 01on the front of the nose below the windscreen and a big orange 01on the rear fuselage.

The fourth aircraft is a US Navy Sea King BuNo # 149917 AT/50 HS-5 with the USS Lake Champlain in 1963.  The paint scheme is Engine Grey (FS 16081) overall with fluorscent Red-Orange nose and tail boom area.  Markings include a blue and white checker band on teh rear fuselage and a big white #50 and the word NAVY in big white letter side rear fuselage/tailboom.  Nose art includes a crest on the side of the fuselage behind the cockpit (see decal artwork at top of this review to see this crest).

The decals are flawlessly printed and in perfect registration with the more complicated decals being printed in two layers to ensure perfect registration and the clear carrier film is trimmed very close to the crisply printed colored areas.
The instructions are clear and includes 3 view drawings and an extra page stuffed with text instructions about the subtle things to et right when building each of these Sea Kings as helpful tips for decal application. 

A very nice decal sheet and it is always a special treat to see the release of Mustang markings.

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I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford