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1/48 F-16C Lone Star Gunfighters decal sheet

Product #48-076

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 27 2004

Big mouth, Block 30 jets from the Lone Star state are featured on this colorful new release from Twobobs!!

Three aircraft are featured on this sheet with enough marking options to build all three.

A/C 87-0255 is a C model jet that is the "Wing King's" jet from the 149th Fighter Wing.  Features full color tail markings.

A/C 87-0387 is a standard line jet from this same squadron.  This is a D model jet with some more subtle tail markings.

A/C 88-0409 is another C model jet with full color tail markings.

All of these jets have additional markings included for the colorful travel pods they are usually seen carrying.  Carl Richards and SSgt Mitch Olivo were instrumental in making this sheet happen.  Mitch is the crew chief on the Wing King jet.

The decals are beautifully and flawlessly printed.  Getting all stencils and markings included for all 3 jets is a real bonus in 1/48 scale.  I find the Texas markings to be very special....I guess it's part of that Lone Star State thing.


A very nice product and definitely recommended for folks interested in Texas Vipers....I love the Texas flag on the tails of eash of these jets.

Some very colorful markings for your Hasegawa F-16! 

This sheet is available through and select US Hobby Shops.  Overseas customers can purchase these from Twobobs site or through Twobobs network of overseas distributors.  Remember, shipping is always FREE to US Customers at Twobobs!! 


Photos and text by Steve Bamford