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1/48 White Tiger Tornado decal sheet

Product # ZTZ48011 for US$13.00

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 8 2004





This new decal sheet from Zotz Decals is the second Tornado decal sheet in this series of 3 decal sheets and it features a White Tiger on both sides of the tail.  I was fumbling with excitement to open the plastic bag and get the colour instruction sheet into my eager hands.  Man….the excitement was well rewarded……this is one VERY cool looking Tiger scheme.

The jet is the ‘Winter Tiger Tornado’ F.3 from 36 Stormo (Wing), 12 Gruppo (Squadron) out of Gioa del Colle base as seen in the NATO Tiger Meet in 2002.  This lo-viz Tornado is overall barley grey with light aircraft grey on the underside and medium sea grey on the nosecone and canopy frames.  The rather boring lo-viz paint scheme is brought to life with the exceptionally well done artwork of the White Winter Tiger on both sides of the tail. 

This artwork is very well proportioned and very realistic looking.  The beautifully printed decals are contained on two medium sized decal sheets….one contains the stencils and white dotted walkway lines and the other decal sheet contains the tiger artwork for both sides of the tail....Tiger head on one side and Tiger Stripes on the other side of the tail.  All decals are in perfect registration.  The colour instructions include 4 view colour drawings with full stencil placement and painting instructions.  

There is an extra page of black and white line drawings showing walkway line markings and where to place them.  A very well laid out set of instructions.

This Winter Tiger Tornado is sure to be a huge hit with the Tiger Meet modelers….you won’t be disappointed….I highly recommend this sheet, but I’m a huge Tiger Meet fan.

I would like to thank Zotz Decals for providing me with this review sample.


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Photos and text © by Steve Bamford