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1/32 F4U-4 Corsair Part 3 decal sheet

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Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 20 2004





This new decal sheet from Cutting Edge Modelworks includes markings for two different 1/32 F4U-4's.  The recommended kits for these decals is the 1/32 Trumpeter F4U-4 kit.   

The first aircraft is a F4U-4B corsair with the Naval Reserve Training Unit in Olathe, Kansas in March in 1956.  This particular Corsair is a US Navy Corsair painted overall Non-Specular Light Gull Gray (FS 36440) on top and Glossy Insignia White (FS 37880) with Glossy Sea blue (FS 15042) on the underside.  There is a flat black anti-glare panel over the whole top of the engine cowling.  Markings include a large black #5 on the forward side of the engine cowling.  The rudder is blue and the tail has large white letter ‘K’ and on the side of the fuselage is a large red and white US national with the large letter “NAVY” and below that the word ‘OLATHE’.  On the fuselage below the tail is the ‘F4U-4 97286’.  One stand-out feature of the paint scheme is the orange fuselage band near the tail.  This band was prone to paint fading, so modellers will have to keep this fact in mind when they build this paint scheme.  The Navy Reserve aircraft were kept in very good shape.  

The second aircraft is a F4U-4B corsair with VMF-214 K-3 (Pohang) Korea in 1953.  This particular Corsair is a USMC Corsair painted overall Glossy Sea blue FS 15042.  Markings include white noseart of the Squadron crest on the forward engine cowling.  The tail has large white letters ‘WE’ and on the side of the fuselage is a large white #’22’ followed by a red and white US national.  On the fuselage below the tail is the F4U-4 MARINES 63065’.  This is a F4U-4B so it has two 20 mm cannons in each wing instead of three 50cal machine guns.  

The decals were flawlessly printed on 2 decal sheets and in perfect registration and the clear carrier film is trimmed very close to the crisply printed colored areas.  The grey Naval reserve paint scheme caught my eye.  

The instructions are clear and includes 3 view drawings and an extra page of text instructions is included with a small bit of info about both the planes as well as helpful tips for decal application. 

A very nice decal sheet and highly recommended for all the Fw-190 and Luftwaffe builders.

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I would like to thank Cutting Edge Modelworks for providing me with this review sample.


Photos and text © by Steve Bamford