Leading Edge Models

1/72 CAF CF5 Wraparound Camouflage

Product # 72.49 (also available in 1/48)

Product Article by Steve Bamford on July 13 2004




This decal sheet from Leading Edge Models provides a full set of markings in 1/72 scale for six different CF5's...5  with wraparound (Dark Gray and Dark Olive Gren) paint schemes.

This decal sheet is also available in 1/48.  The F-5 was used by a large number of airforces world wide.  It is a sleek, visually appealing jet and Canada operated it's fair share of the CF5.  The stencils range from colourful to lo-vis black.  Some of the jets on this sheet feature wingtip tanks and others just have wingtip launch rails. 

But let's have a look at the decals.  The decals are very complete and beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet.  One very complete page of B&W instructions are included.  I am seriously excited about the release of these decals in 1/32. 

The printing quality and colours and registration is all first rate and up to Leading Edge Models top class quality.  This is a very recommended decal sheet for anyone that likes building Canadian jets of the F-5.

Special thanks to Dave at Leading Edge Models for the review samples.


Photos and text by Steve bamford