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1/48 Kawasaki Ki-61 Part 1 decal sheet

Product # 48-050 for Hasegawa kit

Product Article by Floyd S. Werner, Jr. on Mar 10 2017



The Hasegawa, and the new Taimya, Ki-61 are very good kits. The Hasegawa kit comes in a variety of versions. The Tony is my favorite Japanese airplane. I love the look of the aircraft and the variations in markings. 

The latest release from
Lifelike Decals shows the variety of marking options on the Tony. While specifically designed for the Hasegawa kit Iím sure that they will fit the new Tamiya kit. 

Packaged in a ziplock bag, you get two A-4 single sided full color pages. The instructions have the history and side profiles as well as a common marking/stencil drawing. The references are included should you want to see where Lifelike got their pictures and information from. This sheet has markings for four Ki-61 marking options. 

The decals are included on two sheets. One is 5x7 with the majority of the markings on it. The other is a very small sheet with the two blue markings on it. The decals are printed by Microscale so you know they are thin, in register and react well with setting solutions. 

The first aircraft is a Hein flown by 2nd Lt Takeo Adachi of the 55th Sentai in January 1945. There is speculation about the type of Sentai emblem on the tail. And this is where I think Lifelike far surpasses most decal manufacturers. They take what they do know and are not afraid to say what is not known. They provide the argument for the selection of the markings, but they allow the modeler to decide how they want to do the markings. This particular airplane is a NMF aircraft with red markings. Lifelike makes the argument for the tail markings based off their knowledge. 

The second aircraft is also a Type 1 Hein but is flown by Sgt. Shuichi Kaihou of the 39th Fighter Training Kikotai in March 1945. There are no actual photos of this aircraft but the drawing is based off of the personal accounts of men of the unit. This aircraft is mottled green over the natural aluminum finish.

The third aircraft is a dark green Hein Type 1 flown by 2nd LT Tomiho Tohda of the 55th Sentai in Feb 1945. This aircraft features four kill markings on the mid fuselage. The green upper surface and natural metal undersurfaces makes for a dramatic aircraft. The white outlined red Sentai and Hinomaru add a splash of color.

The fourth, and final aircraft, is a Type 1 Hein of the 18th Sentai in early 1945 flown by 2nd Lt. Takeshi Nakamura. This overall natural metal machine features a blue B-29 kill marking on the mid fuselage.

Superior research, world class artwork and decals are all hallmark of Lifelike Decals. This sheet is in keeping with that tradition. The Tamiya and Hasegawa Ki-61s will make great canvases for these decals.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Lifelike Decals for the review copy. You can obtain your decals by contacting Lifelike Decals at . Let them know you heard about it here. While there check out all their decals. There is something there for everyone.

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