Model Alliance Group

1/72 & 1/48 BAC/EE Canberra decals sheet

International 'Bomber Canopy' Version Part 1

1/72 Sheet No. MA-72139   9.00

1/48 Sheet No. MA-48139   13.00

Product Article by Steve Bamford June 12 2007




This new decal sheet from Model Alliance Group features 5 BAC/EE Canberra aircraft from a variety of countries that will be of interest to many modellers.  These decals are based on the On-Target Special No 11 by Model Alliance Group.

This decal sheet features 5 different aircraft including;

  • 1 from Royal Rhodesian Air force
  • 1 from Air force of Zimbabwe
  • 2 from Royal New Zealand Air force
  • 1 from Armee de l Air

The markings include Grey Green camo for the Royal New Zealand aircraft and Green Brown jungle camo for African aircraft and overall silver for the French aircraft.

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The instructions are straight forward and also include 3 views of all aircraft on this decal sheet. 

The decals themselves are flawlessly printed and very clearly printed on the 1/72 samples I have before me and are contained on 1 decal sheet.  Stencils are not included.  Colours look solid and should cover very well, but the decals appear thin and of a very high quality.  Some decals are printed as 2 decals to ensure perfect registration.    



There are 6 pages of colour instruction sheets.  It's rare to see markings for African Air Forces and this sheet includes markings for 2 of them.....although it is the same aircraft at different times in it's career with different national insignia.  The Air force of Zimbabwe aircraft has  a lovely gold Lion as it's national insignia.....the New Zealand aircraft sports the unique Kiwi national markings.

You can order these decals direct from   Contact them for prices and ordering information.

Special thanks to Model Alliance for sending me this review sample.  You can purchase these decals direct from the Model Alliance website.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford