1/48 XF9F-2 / XF9F-3 Prototype Panther Conversion

Product # TK48088 for $ 27.99 for Trumpeter/HobbyCraft kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on June 11 2007 




This new resin conversion set from Teknics is the XF9F-2 / XF9F-3 Prototype Panther Conversion Set for the Trumpeter/HobbyCraft kti.  This Teknics set provides all the parts necessary to model the first XF9F-2 and the XF9F-3 prototypes.  Since the configuration of these birds varied over their testing lives, be sure to check your references.  Also note that the prototypes eventually received wingtip fuel tanks; a corrected outer wing with tip tanks is available in Teknics set TK48089.  This conversion set contains new outer wings without tip tanks, smooth speed brakes, pitots, and extended horizontal stabilizers tested on the XF9F-2.  This set is for advanced modelers, but if you go slow and follow the instructions carefully, then you should have no problems. 

The tip tank-less outer wings are direct replacements for the kit parts; however, Teknics has added the root detail missing in the Trumpeter kit in case you want to model your prototype with the wings folded.  If you do fold the wings, note that on the prototypes the wings folded straight up (not angled as on Panthers with tip tanks).  The smooth speed brakes are a direct replacements for the kit parts.  


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Full decals for the first XF9F-2 and the XF9-3 prototypes are available on Yellowhammer Decals sheet YHD48040.  This sheet is also available from Meteor Productions.  

Resin casting is of a very high quality and all the detail is very well done with no air bubbles.  There is one page of instructions that take you through the installation of this set.  This new resin set from Teknics will permit modelers to make an accurate XF9F-2 / XF9F-3 Prototype Panther.  This set WILL NOT fit the Revell/Monogram F9F-5 kit.

I would like to thank Meteor Productions for providing me with this review sample.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford