Doctor Pepper Resins

1/72nd GE F110 Engine Nozzle

Product # DPR-72-GE-F110 for $5.99 USD

Product Article by Ken Middleton on June 25 2007




Here's a review of a new 72nd scale General Electric F110 engine nozzle from Doctor Pepper Resins.

In the package, you get 2 nozzles in a light-colored resin wrapped in bubble pack t protect them.

The details, engraving and casting inside and out are very well done. For anyone who has built kit-supplied nozzles before, one knows it can sometimes be tricky getting the individual petals to line up nicely. They also will be a benefit if making a GE powered F-16, and one doesn't have the GE kit nozzles, making an F-14B/D from an F-14A, F-2A/B or F-15K from an F-15E.

These GE-F110 nozzles are designed to fit Hasegawa F-14 kits, and will also fit F-16 kits (with some cutting, as the shroud in the CJ boxing is attached to the nozzle).

For prep, simply cut off the pouring stub at the base and wash with soapy water. Paint, and then attach with super glue or epoxy.

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Photos and text by Ken Middleton