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The Viper Story Part 1:

F-16s of the Air National Guard by Jake Melampy

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Product Article by Ken Middleton on  June 13 2007




Here is a review of the first publication by Reid Air Publications - a firm founded by Jake Melampy - a prominent and well-traveled photographer. The book is titled The Viper Story Part 1: F-16s of the Air National Guard, and features photographs by Jake and other photographers covering every ANG unit that has operated the F-16 variant.

The softcover book consists of 247 pages printed on heavy gloss paper with each US state listed alphabetically. Instead of listing the states and units, I have supplied a photograph of the table of contents page - as you can see, the list of operators is extensive. There is a 2-page history of the F-16 included. At the beginning of each state's section, the state flag and its ANG history is detailed including very recent and near future changes. Detailed captions are under each photograph, and a very handy serial number index is at the back of the book listing what page each jet appears on.

The photographs are top-notch and cover a variety of markings each unit's jets wore, and the different variants operated. Many are from units and airframes that have not existed for quite some time. And, as many F-16 units will be losing their jets in the near future, this publication captures an important part of history.

Collectively, Air National Guard F-16s have worn the most colorful and varied markings, and this publication showcases these aircraft beautifully.

Very special thanks to Jake for the review sample.

This book can be purchased through the Reid Air Publications site.


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Photos and text by Ken Middleton