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1/48 F-14A Tomcats VF-24 Fighting Renegades Last Rage Part 1 decal sheet

Product # FTD48-001     

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Fightertown Decals is a new aftermarket decal manufacturer focusing on modern military aviation decals created by ARC members Brian Plescia and Mike Pister, We're making the most accurate and authentic decals we can because that’s what we want on our models and we think that you deserve the same! While we can’t improve your modeling skills, we can improve your decal markings. Well, maybe we can improve your modeling skills…

Our first sheet covers the VF-24 Fighting Renegades flying F-14A Tomcats during their last cruise and dis-establishment in 1996. 10 years after one of the greatest Tomcat squadrons of all time dis-established (Oh the stories I could tell you about them Renegades), you can finally build models of their famous jets. The Fighting Renegades final jets are presented in all their Tomcat glory. You thought retro jets were a recent development? Ha! Check out Rage 201 from 1995! That’s retro, baby! As the Renegades used to say, “Check the rest, then fly with the best!”

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Fightertown Decals: Markings for really cool jets? Check! Incredibly accurate detail? Check!  Intake cover decals? Check! Landing gear placards? Check! Ejection seat stencils? Check! Airframe details? Check! Helmet markings? Check! (heck, we even have patches for pilot figures!)

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