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Two Bobs Aviation Graphics

F/A-18A/B VFC-12 Shades of Gray Omars decal sheet

1/72 & 1/32 scale product #72068/32043

Review by Steve Bamford on Jan 13 2007


Wow....right on.  This sheet is follow up to their very popular VFC-12 release is this sheet in both 72nd and 32nd scale.  There are enough markings on this sheet to build a 72nd scale jet and one 32nd scale jet.  Unique combination of scales are featured by Two Bobs on this sheet.  With the customer base for these two scales being smaller than in 48th scale, Two Bobs has taken a different strategy in providing markings for both 72nd and 32nd scale customers without impacting their sales in those scales with a stand-alone release.  Interesting concept and I hope that Two Bobs does some more releases with this methodology so modelers in the two less popular scales can have as many options as the 48th scale crowd.  

The false MiG-29 Fulcrum markings for the vertical stab are provided in decal form in 72nd scale.  These markings are not provided in 32nd scale however.  Modelers will find it fairly easy to mask and paint these markings on the big Academy jet.   

A full set of stencils as well as external tank markings are also provided.  As per normal with many of  Two Bobs releases, some of the complex markings are broken apart into two separate decals to ensure perfect registration by the modeler.  

The full color instruction sheet features a full-color placement guide as well as some reference photographs for the modeler.  

All of Two Bobs decals are printed by Microscale and feature very thin carrier film and accurate color representation.


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The 2 pages of decals are printed by Microscale in the usual high quality printing I'm accustomed to seeing on all Twobobs decal sheets.

The 2 pages of gloss colored instruction sheets include 4 view color profiles of each of the 2 jets on this sheet as well as 8 small color photos of these jets.  There's no denying the fact these USN F-18's painted in these adversary paint schemes really do stand out and look great.  One very cool feature is the way part of the leading part of the wings are painted in lo-viz gray to alter the silhouette of each jet to make it look less like an F-18 and more like an enemy aircraft.  The instruction sheets also include FS#, Testors MM, Humbrol, Gunze Sangyo and Xtracylics paint code numbers to make the painting process less complicated.

I always perk up when I see models done in these adversary schemes and these 2 jets will jaz up any model display case.

Very special thanks goes out to Ken Middleton and Mark Broekhans for their reference photos that made this decal sheet possible.

This sheet is available through and select US Hobby Shops.  Overseas customers can purchase these from Twobobs site or through Twobobs network of overseas distributors.  Remember, shipping is always FREE to US Customers at Twobobs!! 


Photos and text by Steve Bamford