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Luftwaffe RF-4E Phantom II Stencils - Part 2

1/72 or 1/48 or 1/32  decal sheet

1/72 product # ADM 173003  -  1/48 product # ADM 149003  -  1/32 product # ADM 133002

Review by Steve Bamford on July 17 2008


This decal sheet from AirDOC that includes Stencils and walkway markings for the Luftwaffe RF-4E Phantom II in Norm 72 Camouflage.

The German Phantoms are covered in many, many stencils....tiny stencils.  And adding those many stencils does add to the level of realism when you build a Luftwaffe Phantom.  AirDOC has done something very special with this decal sheet by grouping stencil markings together, so by applying one decal you are installing many stencils in one go.    

I've always liked the look of the post WW2 German Jets due to the look of the markings and the colourful options on many Luftwaffe jets.  This decal sheet will make the difference by adding that extra level of detail on the German Phantom II's that stencils offer.

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The instructions are well laid out and simple to follow with numbered arrows showing which decals go where.  There are line drawings showing the Luftwaffe RF-4E from both sides and top and bottom.  

The decals print by Cartograf come on 2 decal sheets on the 1/72 sample before me.  They are clearly and crisply printed and appear to be of the highest quality.  

This sheet is a must have if you are building one of the Luftwaffe RF-4E Phantoms in Norm 72 Camouflage.  


I would like to thank AirDOC for providing me with this review sample.

AirDOC also has a large selection of aircraft reference books covering modern and vintage aircraft as well as decals covering vintage and modern aircraft.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford