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1/32 F-14A Adversary Bad Cats decal sheet

Topgun and NSAWC

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Product announcement by Fightertown Decals on July 3 2008



You want big Tomcats? You want colorful Tomcats? You want Adversary Tomcats? Well, then you got 'em! We figured we've done these jets in 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144, it's about time we did them in the big scale - 1/32

This sheet allows you to build 3 of six jets. 2 versions of each scheme is included: Blue Flanker, Iranian Desert and Powder Puff. Full data and extra detail parts are provided on a separate insert allowing us to put as much on the main sheet as possible. All the extras are here including (the usual) ejection seat, landing gear and gear door placards, formation lights, missile rail stencils, fuel tank data, even the data placard for the cockpit.

Patches include regular and low viz (desert) versions of the Topgun and NSAWC patches, and the characteristic brown name tags associated with Topgun. Oh, and did we mention you can build 3 models from this sheet - you're gonna need a lot of space for 3 1/32 Tomcats.

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