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1/48 F-14A/B/D VF-101 Grim Reapers decal sheet

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Product announcement by Fightertown Decals on July 4 2008



Still going through withdrawal from the Tomcat's retirement? Re-live those glory days of black tail terror with the Grim Reapers of VF-101! We got your black tails right here. Build 2 jets out of 8 options:

F-14A 101
F-14B 101 (2 versions)
F-14D 163 (2 versions)
F-14D 164 (2 versions)

And for those that like a more subdued Tomcat like overall gull gray:
F-14A 162 (w/ a touch of simple decal editing you could also do F-14B 165)
You know all the extra touches we love around here: fuel tank markings, ejection seat, landing gear placards, helmets, patches and something new - ground crew F-14 Demo Team decals.

Model the last few years of Tomcat Demos, baby! Show the crew high-5'ing after a spectacular demo, shaking hands with the ground crew or waving to the crowd.

Parts of this sheet look similar to VFDecals previous release, but look closely and you'll see all new artwork, improved color selection and more.


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