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1/48 F/A-18C Blue Bandits decal sheet


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Product announcement by Fightertown Decals on July 7 2008



All F/A-18C's, all blue adversary paint schemes, all really cool (at least I think so).
Build all 4 jets on the sheet.

1. F/A-18C VFC-12 00, 03 or 07 in the standard VFC-12 AMBUSH paint scheme. Each jet has it's own set of intake and exhaust FOD covers. VFC-12 jets have the NACES ejection seats
2. F/A-18C VFC-12 06 - A 1-off paint scheme by accident, but it looks cool! (see the instruction sheet for the full gouge)

VFC-12 Stars are included as both 1 and 2 piece decals and details like the different sizes of stars and VFC-12 logos on different jets has been included and noted. Several sets of VFC-12 drop tank markings are included; AMBUSH, FIGHTING OMARS, and the recently acquired but yet to be repainted RIVER RATTLERS tank.

3. F/A-18C NSAWC 20 in the NSAWC "Desert Blue". Earlier released on our 1/32 sheet, this is the updated and current flying version.
4. F/A-18C NSAWC 25 "Sukoi Blue" Splinter (yeah, kinda like the Tomcat used to have)
Both NSAWC jets have SJU-5A ejection seats.

A separate sheet contains all the data, landing gear, ejection seat details.


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