Starfighter Decals

1/72 F4B-4 resin cockpit set

product # 7200  $7.50  for Monogram/Accurate Miniatures Kits

Review by Steve Bamford on July 8 2008



This new cockpit resin set from Starfighter Decals includes 9 tiny delicately detailed resin pieces to dress up the cockpit on the for 1/72 F4B-4 Monogram/Accurate Miniatures Kits.  This set was cast by the skilled folks at VMD Studios for Starfighter Decals so you know the resin casting is first rate. 

The set contains the following resin pieces:

  • Cockpit Floor, 

  • Left and Right Sidewalls, 

  • Seat, 

  • Instrument Panel, 

  • Machine Gun platform, 

  • Rudder pedals, 

  • Seat Adjustment Leaver, 

  • Control Stick, 

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The 1 page of colour instructions are clear and include 4 photos and plenty of step by step text to guide you through the 3 step installation process.  These instructions are some of the most detailed instructions I have ever seen with text that walks you through the process in little tiny baby steps.  

Often in 1/72, the cockpit detail is not much better than nil, so when manufacturers step up to the plate with 1/72 resin goodies......I get pretty excited and this set is worthy of that excitement.  The resin seat includes lap belts molded into the seat.  The instrument panel includes rings for the rim of the instruments that will respond to dry brushing very well and if you have instrument gauge decals, then you are well on your way to a home run.    

This is a very nice little resin set and will dress up the cockpit of the Monogram/Accurate Miniatures F4B-4 very well.


If you're in need of decals for your F4B-4, Starfighter Decals has a variety of decals for this plane covering 10 different aircraft both from the USN and USMC, 

  • 72-102 F4B-4 Pt. 1 VF-3B, VF-6, VB-5

  • 72-103 F4B-4 Pt. 2 VF-1B, VF-2, VB-2 NAS Anarcostia 

  • 72-104 F4B-4 Pt. 3 USMC VF-9M, VF-10M

I would like to thank Starfighter Decals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford