IPMS Tidewater

1/72 HL-20 (Horizontal Landing-20th type) 

multi-media lifting body model kit

Product announcement by IPMS Tidewater on July 10 2008



IPMS-USA 2008 Convention Special 

Three expert craftsmen from IPMS Tidewater have teamed up to provide a very limited edition (25)  multi-media 1/72 scale model kit of the Langley developed HL-20 engineering research model. This kit builds into an attractive and unique addition to any real space collection. These kits will only be available at the IPMS-USA 2008 National Convention. Cost is $30 and all proceeds go to the club. 

Mastered by Ben Guenther Nationally recognized, award-winning modeler and retired NASA Langley model maker

Casting by Ben Guenther & David Merriman expert pattern maker noted for his studio model and RC submarine work

Decals by Bill Kluge artist, modeler and convention graphics artist. 

Background on the HL-20

During the late 1980's NASA, Langley Research Center developed their entry for the Personnel Launch System. It was called the HL-20. (Horizontal Landing-20th type). Designed for manned orbital missions complementing the Space Shuttle, it was to have had a low operational cost and improved flight safety. A full scale engineering research model of the HL-20 was constructed for studying crew seating arrangements, habitability, equipment layout and crew ingress and egress. The engineering research model provided full external and interior definition of the HL-20 for studies at the Langley Research Center. 

Kit contents:

  • 3 resin pieces (main body and two wings)

  • 9 white metal pieces (main and nose gear/tires)

  • 4 Styrene pieces (gear doors)

  • Color decals (Alps printed, coated with Microscale Decal Film)

  • Assembly, painting and decaling instructions

  • NASA Fact sheet on HL-20

Completed model dimensions:

  • length 5.7 inches

  • height 2 inches

  • span 4 inches

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford