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Spanish Emils

1/72 Foreign Messerschmitt, Pt.3 decal sheet

product # RD72015

Review by Radek Lhotsky on July 16 2008



This time the decal sheet is a "small one" in size but another "great one" from this very active Czech manufacturer. 

The Foreign Messerschmitt, Pt.3 Spanish Emils decal sheet by Rising Decals in 1/72 scale (sold under product number RD 72015) offers 4 options for Bf-109E-1 & E-3 of the Legion Condor from Spanish Civil War.

  • 1. Bf 109 E-3, 6-99, 3.J/88 from spring 1939

  • 2. Bf 109 E-3, 6-109, 3.J/88 flown by Kurt Sochatzki

  • 3. Bf 109 E-3, 6-111, 2.J/88 flown by Lt. Werner Ursinus

  • 4. Bf 109 E-1, 6-119, 1.J/88 flown by Oblt. Siebert Reents

The instruction sheet is printed in color with text in English and each aircraft shows both side views (with references mentioned for each one of them and that documents that this subject was well researched). The upper and lower surface view is also included with clearly shown decal placements. Color chart is included as well as list of suggested kits.

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Decal sheet is well printed, includes all national insignias and the "nose / fuselage art" shows very crisp detail. There is also a smaller sheet with stencils included. My samples are printed in perfect register.

For anyone interested in these decals, go to: www.hannants.co.uk , decal experts in Canada : www.flightdecs.ca or directly to www.risingdecals.com.

There is more to come soon with couple more decal samples "sitting" on my desk and waiting to be reviewed.

Thank you Mirek Karnik - the humble man behind (and in the center of) these great decal sheets!


Photos and text by Radek Lhotsky