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1/48 TA-4J/F & A-4F/M Skyhawks decal sheet


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Much anticipated and desired, Classic Airframes granted Scooter/Skyhawk aficionados with it's recent TA-4J kit. We thought that it deserved the Fightertown Decals treatment and so we're thrilled to announce the first of our A-4 sheets. And with the excellent Hasegawa A-4 series, we'd supply something for the single seat types and the result is this - A-4F/M, TA-4J/F's from VF-126 Bandits and Topgun!

Build 7 (almost 8) out of 9 options. With couple extra NAVYs and Star/Bars, you can do 2 or 3 others too. Normally I'd go into the spiel about the cool stuff we include... yep, gonna do that because we've got even more 'bonus' features that haven't been seen anywhere ever before. Not only do you get:

-plenty of helmet markings in 1 and 2 piece decals
-tons of patches
-2 full sets of landing gear and landing gear door placards
-ejection seat markings
-antenna markings
-airframe details
-fuel caps

We're now including:
-radio frequency cards for the cockpit
-tire placards
-tire stripe markings. You know those little red stripes on the wheels - yep those! Cool details you won't find anywhere else.

If you can find a microscope, the radio cards are authentic down to the frequencies used at NAS Miramar, W-291 OpArea, Seawolf Departure, Falcon codes, etc...

Coming up next - VF/VFA-127 and then.... well, you'll see...

Have a Bandit Day!
Brian and Mike

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Photos and text by Brian and Mike