Begemot Decals

 1/72 & 1/48 Flanker Stencil data decal sheet

(TBA)   $10.99 from Lindenhill

Review by Ken Duffey on July 31 2008



The Russian decal company of Begemot have just released two sheets of stencil data for the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker family in two scales - Sheet No 72-030, 48-009.

     The sheets include FULL stencil data for the Su-27 single-seater, the Su-27UB combat trainer and the Su-33 shipborne naval fighter. In addition, stencils are included for most of the weapons carried by these aircraft - the air-to-air missiles such as the R-27T/R/ET/& ER, the R-73 and R-77, the various ground-attack ordnance - Kh-29, Kh-58, Kh-31, numerous 'dumb' bombs plus the laser-guided KAB series.

      There are even decals for the KAB-500KR(U) training pod, the UPAZ-M IFR pod and the wingtip-mounted 'Sorbtsya' ECM pod. 

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The accompanying instruction 'sheet' comprises FOUR sheets of A3 paper with full placement guides for all three aircraft types - even including details of production batches and listing the airframe differences between batches.........

      Comprehensive colour notes for the Flanker airframe are provided - with notes about weathering for modellers. 

      The instruction sheet for the armament includes colour notes for all the weapons - keyed to FS numbers where appropriate...

      The sheets are currently available in 1:72 and 1:48 scale - the 1:32 scale sheets (32-002) will be released soon...

      They will be available di
rectly from Begemot Decals, or in the US Linden Hill, in the UK from Hannants - see the Begemot website for more distributors.


Photos and text by Ken Duffey