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1/48 P-36A Pt.2 16th and 35th Pursuit Group decal sheet

product # 72-111  $5.00  for Monogram/Revell Kit

Review by Steve Bamford on May 14 2009


This new decal sheet from Starfighter Decals includes markings for 3 different 1/72 P-36A's and is designed to fit the Monogram/Revell kit.  

The 3 aircraft all have red/white and blue tails and sport some sort of artwork. 

  • P-36A 38-3 24th Pursuit SQDN 16th Pursuit Group Albrook Field Panama Canal Zone in 1940.  Artwork on the side of the fuselage is a leaping Tiger.  Engine cowl ring is white.

  • P-36A 21th Pursuit SQDN 35th Pursuit Group Moffet Field, CA in 1940.  Artwork on the side of the fuselage is 2 playing cards on a  cloud with a lightning bolt.  Engine cowl ring is yellow.

  • P-36A 16th Pursuit Group CO Plane, Albrook Field Panama Canal Zone in 1939.  Artwork on the side of the fuselage is a black shield with lightning bolts.  Engine cowl ring is red and white.

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These decals are clearly printed and are designed for the Monogram P-36C kit. Instructions included to convert to P-36A and P-36B included.

Markings in this set are for aircraft from the 24th Pursuit Squadron, 16th Pursuit Group Commander, and 21st Pursuit Squadron, 35th Pursuit Group.

The 4 pages of instructions are clear and include 3 color views of each aircraft.  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet and one insert decal sheet.  These are pre-war planes so they do sport more colours in their paint schemes.

A Cockpit and Wheel Well set is now available from Starfighter Decals designed for the Monogram kit. Listed in the Starfighter Resin Accessories section, #7204.  


I would like to thank Starfighter Decals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford