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1/72 Pre-war Wildcats Part 1 decal sheet

product # 72-112  $5.00  for Hasegawa F4F-4 kit

Review by Steve Bamford on May 22 2009


This new decal sheet from Starfighter Decals includes markings for 6 different 1/72 Pre-war F4F-4 Wildcats in a variety of paint schemes.  

Special thanks goes to Mark Tutton and Mike Lampros.  

The 6 aircraft include a variety of gray paint schemes worn by the Wildcat before the Pearl Harbor attack. 

  • F4F-3 BuNo. 2526 2-6 Test flight aircraft in 1940.  (Natural Metal with Willow Green Tail)

  • F4F-3 41-F-7 VF-41on USS Ranger in 1940.  (Yellow wings)

  • F4F-3 VF-5 in 1940.  (light gray overall)

  • F4F-3 VF-71 Chambers Field, NAS Norfolk Mat. in 1940.  (Light Gray Overall)

  • F4F-3 BuNo. 3973 VF-3 on USS Saratoga in Oct 1941.  (Blue-Gray/Lt. Gray)

  • F4F-3 VF-72 Pungo Airfield, NC in late 1941.  (Blue-Gray/Lt. Gray)

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Designed for the Hasegawa F4F-4 kit with the Quickboost F4F-3 Wings and Cowl. Markings for 6 different aircraft. Additional National Insignia will be necessary for those who want to use all 6 sets. 

Don't forget to order the Quickboost Wings & Cowl, True Details Cockpit set, and Squadron Vacuform Canopy available on the
Starfighter Decals website.

The 4 pages of instructions are clear and include 3 color views of each aircraft.  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet.  One of these planes does have the bright yellow wings while the others are in a variety of gray schemes.

A nice decal sheet and it is good to see some aftermarket markings for the 1/72 Wildcats.


I would like to thank Starfighter Decals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford