1/32 MiG-29A Correction kit for Revell kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 27 2017



Wow.....I don't have a clue where to start on this one. These new resin 1/32 MiG-29A Correction kit from Zactomodels corrects all the exterior detail and issues with the Revell MiG-29A.  The kit includes 41 resin pieces, photo-etch and strip styrene. It corrects the nosecone, pitot, IRST, Canopy area, Intake FOD doors and closed intake bypass vents and more. It includes corrected chaff dispensers, stabilator attachments and corrected and detailed exhausts with new engine trunking to fit them.
Also included are instructions on how to correct the size and shape of the stabilators, vertical stabilizers and wing-tips.


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Resin casting is of a very high quality and all the detail is very well done with no air bubbles.  This new resin set from Zactomodels will permit modelers to take their 1/32 MiG-29A and correct everything and bring the detail level up a few notches. 

You will have to do some cutting to the Revel kit parts to fit these resin items.  The 7 pages of instructions do include plenty of text and drawings and templates to help you get all the cutting correct before you start adding these resin parts.  Go on one thing at a time and it will get done.....the trick is to go slow and measure twice before you cut.  None of the work is just requires careful concentration to get the spectacular results these resin parts can give you.

Chris at Zactomodels has a well deserved reputation for producing amazing products and this set will leave you includes so many parts to improve so many areas of this big kit from Revell.  This is the sort of correction kit that will prompt people to go out and buy the Revell kit just so they can use this resin correction is THAT nice. 

I would like to thank Chris at Zactomodels for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford