1/32 RAF P-40s 112 Sqn. Part 1 decal sheet
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Review by Steve Bamford on May 1 2009



This new release from Barracudacals provides markings for 1 P-40B and 3 P-40Es from 112 Squadron RAF based in North africa during 1941-2.  These aircraft were flown by famous aces Neville Duke and Clive Caldwell.  They are the result of much new research into the subject.  They feature accurately rendered sharkmouth markings, full national markings in authentic colors (not found on other sheets).  

  • Tomahawk Mk.IIb, AK402 GA-F (US designation P-40C)
    112 Squadron RAF. Flown by Pilot Officer Neville Duke. Based at Fort Maddelena, Libya. November, 1941.Neville Duke was one of the highest scoring Allied aces, with 27 kills by the war’s end. While flying AK402, Duke was shot down on Nov 30, 1941 by Otto Schulz of 4/JG27. He belly landed safely. AK402 was delivered in factory scheme of Dark Green/Dark Earth and DuPont Light Grey. Dark Green was overpainted in the field with Middle Stone applied freehand with a spray gun. Camouflage demarcations are a little wider than normal, probably 2”. Undersides were repainted Azure Blue. No wing leading edge stripes. Wheel hubs azure. Note repainted patch behind code letter F.

  • Kittyhawk Mk.I, AK578 GA-V (US Designation P-40E)
    112 Squadron RAF. Flown by Flying Officer Neville Duke. Based at Gambut, Libya. February, 1942.Duke, while flying AK578, scored a victory over a Macchi C.200 on Feb 14, 1942. Delivered in Dark Green/Dark Earth and DuPont Light Grey. Repainted in the field by covering the Dark Green with Middle Stone, applied freehand with a spray gun. Note irregular Dark Green background behind serial. Camo demarcations wider than normal, probably 2-3”. Undersides repainted Azure Blue. Note overpainted corner of port fuselage roundel. Non-standard wing leading edge stripes in yellow. Wheel hubs Azure.

  • Kittyhawk Mk.I, AK772 GA-Y “London Pride” (US Designation P-40E)
    112 Sqdn. RAF. Flown by P.O. Burney & Sqn Ldr. Clive Caldwell. Based at Gambut, Libya. Spring, 1942.This aircraft was shot down on May 30, 1942. Painted in a similar fashion to GA-V, but with very dark blue undersurfaces. Much discussion with researchers has taken place. Most think it is Dark Mediterranian Blue, while others favor Deep Sky. Take your pick. Dark Green rectangle around serials and no yellow wing leading edge stripes. Wheel hubs dark underside blue. A very worn and dirty airplane.

The instructions are clear and includes all necessary views to assist painting and decal placement.  The decals are beautifully printed on 2 decal sheets with one smaller insert decal sheet.  The 4 pages of instructions include also include black and white line drawings for stencil placement.  The decals are printed by Cartograf, and are very thin with minimal clear film and perfectly in register.  Instructions feature fully rendered color profiles and detailed painting and marking notes. 

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The P-40 naturally suits the sharkmouth with it's large chin intake and this decal sheet features 3 of these sharkmouth P-40 and even a high scoring ace is featured on this decal sheet.  It's good to see some RAF P-40's as they appeared during their time in North africa.


I would like to thank Barracudacals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text © by Steve Bamford