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1/72 J-35A/B/D conversion for SAAB 35 Draken
Product # K7202

Review by Steve Bamford on May 27 2009


This new resin set by Maestro Models Conversions from Rebell Hobby permits you to convert J-35A/B/D conversion for SAAB 35 Draken.  This resin conversion requires the Pavla canopy.  There are 3 peices in this set cast in cream coloured resin.  The trailing edge of the rudder is very thin and light almost shines through the resin it is so beautifully fine crafted with panel lines. 

You also get 2 resin engine intakes with panel lines.

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The instructions don't tell much but this is basically a matter of trading these parts for the kit parts.


I would like to thank Rebell Hobby for providing me with this review sample.  This set is available directly from

Rebell Hobby will have more items for the Draken in the future from Maestro Models Conversions.  

Photos and text by Steve Bamford