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1/72 PGM Pioneers decal sheet
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Review by Steve Bamford on May 8 2009



This new decal sheet from Wolfpak Decals includes markings for 7 different 1/72 aircraft including F-4D, A-6A, A-4E, C-130A, A-7E. 

The 7 aircraft include some of the some with hi-viz markings and artwork.

  • F-4D-31-MC 60-7709 443rd TFS, 8th TFW Ubon AFB, Thailand Pave Knife equipped

  • F-4D-30-MC 60-7505 25th FS, 8th TFW Ubon AFB, Thailand 

  • F-4D-30-MC 60-7593 25th FS, 8th TFW Ubon AFB, Thailand Pave Knife

  • A-6A BuNo 155714VA-145, USS Ranger in 1973 Pave Knife equipped

  • A-4E VA-212, USS Bon Homme Richard First AGM-62 1st Walleye mission

  • C-130A Blind Bat 347th TAW Ubon AFB, Thailand Flare ship &
    Night FAC

  • A-7E BuNo 158012 VA-146 USS Constellation in December 1971

This sheet provides you with the variety of aircraft the Wolfpak Decals is known for.  This sheet includes some historical aircraft including an A-6A that was one of 3 aircraft with VA-145 that was modified to carry the Pave Way Pod in July and August of 1972...plus aircraft that were part of the early stages of weapons programs and a C-130 with black on the underside used for the Blind Bat missions.

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The instructions are clear and include 1 colour view of each aircraft and multi black and vhite drawings showing camo on some of the aircraft (F-4 and C-130).  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet with 2 tiny insert decal sheets.  

If you have a passion for US aircraft that served in Vietnam, then this sheet should make you sit and and take notice.


I would like to thank Wolfpak Decals for providing me with this review sample.

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford