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Sea Control Wing Atlantic Fleet Disestablishment, January 30, 2009

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Sea Control Wing Atlantic Fleet Disestablishment, January 30, 2009

As the Sea Control Wing has been disestablished with the remaining component units on January 30th, 2009, this print is a really unique memorabilia to everybody who's interested to this era, or who has ever been involved in any operations. It's also a great memory to all the Hoover lovers!


This poster contains the following features:

* Seven very accurate aircraft profiles depicting the last seven Viking units of the fleet

- S-3B Viking, VS-22 Checkmates, AA700 / 160161
- S-3B Viking, VS-24 Scouts, AJ700 / 159732
- S-3B Viking, VS-30 Diamond Cutters, AA700 / 159390
- S-3B Viking, VS-31 Topcats, NG700 / 160142
- S-3B Viking, VS-32 Maulers, AB700 / 160164
- S-3B Viking, VS-33 Screwbirds, NG701 / 160121
- S-3B Viking, VS-41 Shamrocks, NJ741 / 160136

* Squadron names
* Establishment / Disestablishment dates for all seven units
* History of Sea Control Wing
* Squadron logos

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Text by Steve Bamford     Images provided by Deployment Productions - All Rights Reserved!