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1/72 & 1/48 US Coast Guard Choppers - Part 1 Decals

1/72 Sheet No. MA-72150 10.00 

1/48 Sheet No. MA-48150 13.00

Review by Steve Bamford on May 5 2009


This new decal sheet from Model Alliance Group features markings for 24 different US Coast Guard choppers including the MH-68A Stingray, HH-65A Dolphin, HH-65B Dolphin, HH-65C Dolphin and the MH-65C Dolphin.
  • MH-68A 1091 HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron) Jacksonville (Florida), February 2004.
  • MH-68A 1095 HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron) Jacksonville (Florida), November 2006.
  • MH-68A 1109 HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron) Jacksonville (Florida), October 2005.
  • HH-65A 6539 Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn (New York), November 1997.
  • HH-65A 6559 Coast Guard Air Station Miami (Florida), 1990.
  • HH-65A 6590 Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point (Hawaii)/USCGC Boutwell, Operation Iraqi Freedom, North Arabian Gulf, March 2003.
  • HH-65A 6592 Coast Guard Air Station Detroit (Michigan), June 1989.
  • HH-65B 6514 Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans (Louisiana), October 2002.
  • HH-65B 6519 Coast Guard Air Training Center Mobile (Alabama), August 2006.
  • HH-65B 6526 Coast Guard Air Station Detroit (Michigan), September 2005.
  • HH-65B 6552 Coast Guard Air Station Corpus Christi (Texas), November 2006.
  • HH-65B 6567 AVDET 162 Polar Operations Division (POPDIV) Mobile (Alabama)/ARCTIC WEST-EAST SUMMER 2005 (AWES 05) Cruise USCGC Healy, June 2005.
  • HH-65B 6578 Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay (California), September 2006.
  • HH-65C 6507 Coast Guard Air Station Houston (Texas), October 2006.
  • HH-65C 6542 Coast Guard Air Station Savannah (Georgia), March 2008.
  • HH-65C 6552 Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco (California), June 2008.
  • HH-65C 6563 Coast Guard Air Station Miami (Florida), May 2006.
  • HH-65C 6566 Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak (Alaska), 2007.
  • HH-65C 6581 Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City (New Jersey), September 2007.
  • HH-65C 6582 Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City (Michigan), August 2008.
  • HH-65C 6588 Coast Guard Air Station Los Angeles (California), October 2006.
  • MH-65C 6518 HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron) Jacksonville (Florida)/ National Security Cutter Bertholf, June 2008.
  • MH-65C 6550 Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles (Washington), July 2008.

The instructions are straight forward and also include 3 views of the different aircraft on this decal sheet. 

The decals themselves are flawlessly printed and very clearly printed on the 1/72 sample I have before me and are contained on 1 decal sheet.  Stencils are included.  Colours look solid and should cover very well, but the decals appear thin and of a very high quality.   

There is a 12 page of colour instruction booklet which includes side profiles to help with painting and decal placement, plus the instruction booklet also includes photos of the full sized aircraft.  

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There are few choppers that look as good as the colour scheme of the US Coast Guard choppers and I have long wondered why there isn't a sheet available for these eye catching choppers.  This sheet is a welcomed sight and the selection of aircraft and artwork is quite good.  There's even one chopper with a big shark on the side of the engine cowling. 


You can order these decals direct from   Contact them for prices and ordering information.

Special thanks to Model Alliance for sending me this review sample.  You can purchase these decals direct from the Model Alliance website.

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford