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1/72 & 1/48 EE/BAC Lightning, Part 2

1/72 Sheet No. MA-72170 10.00 

1/48 Sheet No. MA-48170 15.00

Review by Steve Bamford on on May 12 2009


This new decal sheet from Model Alliance Group features markings for 10 different aircraft including 9 with the RAF and one with the Royal Saudi Air Force in a variety of paint schemes from operational camo to test aircraft to an airshow aircraft.
  • Lightning F.6, XS931 - G of 11 Squadron, RAF Binbrook 1968. (Zapped by EC.2/12 of the French Air Force)
  • Lightning F.6, XR758 - V of 11 Squadron, RAF Tengah, Singapore 1969. (Zapped by 74 Squadron)
  • Lightning F.2A, XN778 - A of 92 Squadron, RAF Gutersloh, Germany 1976. (Green Camouflage scheme)
  • Lightning F.3, XP706 - L of 74 Squadron, RAF Leuchars 1966. (Tiger striped refuelling probe)
  • Lightning F.3, XR749 - DA of Lightning Training Flight Squadron, RAF Binbrook 1985. (Blue spine and tail)
  • Lightning T.5, XS458 - T of 5 Squadron, RAF Binbrook 1980 but operating on APC at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. (Zapped by 11 Squadron on spine)
  • Lightning F.6, XR724/K of 11 Squadron, RAF Binbrook, 1979 when it was dual-marked with 5 Squadron for the display season.
  • Lightning F.2A, XM771 - P of 19 Squadron, RAF Gutersloh, Germany 1973.
  • Lightning F.53, 53-692 - L of 13 Squadron, Royal Saudi Air Force, Tabuk AB 1977. (Two tone Sand and Brown Camouflage trials scheme)
  • Lightning T.5, XS417 - Z of 56 Squadron, RAF Coningsby 1976.

The instructions are straight forward and also include 4 views of most aircraft on this decal sheet. 

The decals themselves are flawlessly and very clearly printed on the 1/72 samples I have before me and are contained on 2 decal sheets.  Stencils are not included.  Colours look solid and should cover very well, but the decals appear thin and of a very high quality.   

There are 12 pages of colour instruction sheets which provide all the info you need on each aircraft.  You even get one page of text instructions devoted to the best technique to installing these decals.

Model Alliance is well known for selection colourful subjects for their decal sheets and this is decal sheet isno exception.  Each aircraft has some sort of artwork from tail art to squadron artwork.  The variety of RAF jets is great to see and the Saudi jet is icing on the cake and I'm pleased that the folks at Model Alliance  chose to include it on this decal sheet.

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Special thanks to Model Alliance for sending me this review sample.  You can purchase these decals direct from the Model Alliance website.


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Photos and text by Steve Bamford