1/32 Alamo Missiles

Product Article by Terry Chan on Nov 12 2020



When Trumpeter released their 1/32 Su-27 Flanker kit in 2004, it was a big deal back then.  When built, it was (and still is) one of most stunning model jet fighters due to its beautiful lines and sheer size.  Unfortunately, the model was marred by various inaccuracies in its shape - most notably the nose cone, canopy and jet intake.  Zactomodels  of Preston, Idaho released various several resin-based correction sets that capture the true looks of this Russian jet. 

Unfortunately the Trumpeter missiles are also misshapened.  Hence even with the resin correction sets, the die-hard modeller still needs accurately shaped armament to dress up his big scale Flanker.  ZactoModels come to the rescue again this time with its Alamo -C and -D missiles (mastered by Alexander Rogal) for the 1/32 Flanker and 1/32 Revell MiG-29.  The missiles reviewed here are early production samples.  Both versions were launched during the IPMS USA 2009 Convention in Columbus, Ohio.


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The cream-colored resin missiles were delivered to the reviewer in a small sturdy box.  The numerous fins were packaged separately in smaller ziplock bags to prevent them from damage during transport.  As with previous Zacto releases, these resin missiles also feature exquisite surface details as evidently shown by the close-up photos.  A minor bit of molding flaw was also found on the top of each missile where they attach to the pylons.  Builders may choose to fill them with putty, or as what the reviewer did, simply use the missile pylons to hide them.

Unlike most aftermarket resin sets, these missiles have little or no casting blocks to remove.  Even the casting blocks on the fins can be removed with a few swipes with a sharp hobby knife.  Construction was straight forward, albeit a bit repetitive.  This is an early review sample hence official instructions were not yet ready.  The exhaust caps were superglued to the missile bodies and painted white.  The fins were painted seperately.  After a coat of gloss was applied, a black wash was given to make the recessed details really stand out.  The fins were subsequently cut (or snapped off) from the casting blocks and glued to the bodies.  Finally a flat coat was applied.

When gluing the missiles to the pylons, it is noteworthy that the cast-on hooks should clamp on the sides of the pylons instead of hanging from the bottom of the pylons (see picture).  A bit of resin needs to be trimmed from the hooks to get a proper fit.

These missiles are priced at $23 to $25, depending on the version.  They will be available from  Due to the vast improvement they offer over the Trumpeter or Revell kit missiles, the reviewer highly recommends them especially if the builder plans on "going all out" and dressing up his Flanker or Fulcrum with aftermarket accessories.

Terry Chan

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford