1/24 Individual instrument Dial Decals for 1939 1945 RAF 

Product # AS24 RAF  for 4.55 

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Dec 23 2014



This decal sheet from airscale gives you a vast selection of individual instruments for RAF aircraft from 1939 1945.  These are stunning representations of real aircraft instruments in 1:24 fine scale to enable you to upgrade kit instrument panels, or for use when scratchbuilding an authentic, scale alternative.

The dotted lines on the photo above are there to protect the decal artwork and are not what you will see on the actual decal sheet.

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The decals are very clearly printed and in perfect register.

The 2 pages of instructions are clear and include all necessary info about how and where to install these individual instrument decals.  You can also find photos on the airscale website of various instrument panels which will assist you in finishing your instrument panel. 

Each set includes:

  • Individual Instruments that are separate on the decal sheet with a minimum of carrier film
  • Instruments for flight control, navigation, engine, oxygen and ancillary management
  • Instrumentation as found in the Spitfire, Hurricane and Mosquito and common to most RAF types
  • Sheet of optically clear replacement simulated instrument glass
  • Fully illustrated instructions

Airscale instrument decals can be used either;

  • Behind kit instrument panel parts, mounted on a backplate
  • Applied on top of a kit panel.  (Decal setting solutions may be required)

With all the larger scale kits being released, not to mention the older 1/24 Airfix kits, it is good to see these new decals being released.  airscale also has an ever growing selection of instrument panel decals if you decide you don't want to use the individual instrument decals provided in this set.  The gloss plastic sheet that is included will give your instruments the prefect look of real glass.

I would like to thank airscale for providing me with this review sample.

You can buy these and other individual instrument and instrument panel decals directly from the airscale website.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford