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1/72 Double Trouble F-82 Twin Mustangs Pt.1 decal sheet

product # 72-128  $10.00  for Revell/Monogram F-82F/G/H kit

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 4 2010


The F-82 Twin Mustang is a very unique aircraft.  It was the last piston engined fighter put into production by the USAF.  Originally the plan was to use the F-82 as a long range escort in WW2, but the war ended before the F-82 became operational.  The Twin Mustang was then modified for the night fighter role and radar equipped F-82's replaced the P-61 Black Widow night fighter with Air Defense Command.  At the start of the Korean war, Twin Mustang flying out of Japan were some of the first aircraft to operate over Korea and they accounted for the first 3 aircraft shot down by US forces.  By June 1953 all F-82's had been retired in favor of jet aircraft.

This new decal sheet from Starfighter Decals includes markings for 2 different F-82E with the 27th FES and 2nd FS(AW).  National Insignia for only 1 aircraft.  Aircraft Data for 2 planes. 

The 2 pages of instructions are clear and include color views of 2 or 3 sides of each aircraft.  The decals are beautifully printed on 1 decal sheet with the correct silver stars and stripes for the 2nd Fighter Squadron F-82F.

The 2 aircraft include colorful pre-war paint schemes. 

  • F-82E 46-297 from 27th Fighter Escort Group, Kearney AFB, Nebraska in 1948.

  • F-82F 46-433 from 2nd Fighter Squadron (All Weather), Mitchell AFB, New York in 1949.

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This is an amazing aircraft and Starfighter Decals has chosen two colorful night fighter Twin Mustangs for this decal sheet and it's great to see Starfighter Decals providing modellers with decals for the night fighter Twin Mustang. 

Steve Bamford

I would like to thank Starfighter Decals for providing me with this review sample.

Photos and text by Steve Bamford