1/48 Super Value Pack He 162A-2 Salamander decal sheet

Product # CYVCH5564 from HobbyLink Japan

Product Article by Nick Moore on Nov 2 2010


This is Cyber-Hobby’s release of the Dragon He 162 which in turn was Tri-Master’s He 162 and for a kit that has been around so long it still stands up well. This incarnation also includes a separate bag of steel PE parts and rods that assemble into functioning hinges for the engine covers along with the v-tail variation. It’s all put together in one of Cyber Hobby’s Super Value Packs in a no frills box. This kit can be had for very little at the moment so now would be the time to add one to your collection. 

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I’ve provided a number of photographs that will show you how this kit is aging gracefully. There is some flash here and there, some occasional coarseness and irregularities in the engraved panel lines and a few marks and bumps on surfaces – but nothing major. The tooling is still adequate when compared to today’s products and by most accounts seems to be quite an accurate representation of the aircraft. 

A modest set of decals is supplied courtesy of Cartograf and markings, as described in the instructions, are listed below. Wouldn’t it be great if manufacturers also included a Luftwaffe 1946 marking option for some of these late war aircraft?

  • 1.   1./JG 1, Leck 1945
  • 2.    II./JG 1, Leck 1945
  • 3.    3./JG 1, 1945
  • 4.     1./JG 1, 1945 

A hard to beat option for the He 162 in 1:48the scale. Recommended. 

This kit can be purchased here: 

My thanks to HobbyLink Japan ( for providing this review sample.

Nick Moore

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