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1/72 Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu Photo-Etch Detail Set

product # M72X-03 for 1,400 Yen

Product Article by Dean Reynolds on Nov 26 2010


Made by Eduard and available from Hobbylink Japan  

Eduard’s series of pre-painted photo-etch sets have become more and more prominent in the world of modelling in the recent years, with more and more aircraft being covered. This time it is the large Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu bomber’s turn. This detail set is for the Hasegawa 1/72nd scale kit but with a little work from an experienced modeller could be adapted to fit the Arii 1/72nd kit as well.

First things first, there was hardly a word of English in this entire kit, everything bar “Ki-67”, “Eduard” and the Allied code-name “Peggy” was in Japanese, so if you do order this make sure you either read Japanese or specifically order an English version (if available).

Now let’s get to the photo-etch. I’m very happy to say that this set has some stunning detail, far superior to the 1/48 scale Zero Eduard photo-etch I got recently. The instruments have really clear white printing on the black dials, with the result that at 1/72nd scale you can easily make out the different fuel, temperature, pressure gauges etc. This was a failing on the previous set but the printing is now crystal clear. All the photo-etch is pre-painted in the correct multiple colours, with the interior green being accurate(ish!) for a Mitsubishi built aircraft. The photo-etch fret has 45 parts, and is not self adhesive. (So make sure you have your photo-etch glue of choice handy!)

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The pilots instrument panel really steals the show on this one, it is large, and with all the juicy detail you will want to make sure your build has a nice clear canopy to see all this! The bombardier, navigator and wireless operator’s equipment is all present, as well as seat belts, throttles, bomb-release gear and even what I assume to be an inter-crew radio system for the tail and beam gunners.

This is a must get set for the Hasegawa kit, and don’t be put off by the 1/72nd scale, this big bird has some awesome detail to show off!

Well done to Platz (and Eduard), and Thanks to Hobbylink Japan for this review sample.

Dean Reynolds

Photos and text © by Dean Reynolds