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1/48 F-5E/F-5N VFC-111 Sundowners model kit

Product # AFVAR48101 

Product Article by Nick Moore on Nov 16 2010


Available from from HobbyLink Japan

AFV Club continues to build on their original and successful F-5 design with this representation of the F-5E/F-5N in four VFC-111 “Sundowners” USN Aggressor Squadron markings. With rising sun and shark mouth markings complementing some exotic camouflage patterns, these must be the hottest looking F-5’s around. The box art is great and AFV have commissioned further profile art which is all reproduced on a special print and transparent slip cover presentation within this edition (see photos). I’m sure we all love these little bonuses. Regards the “Special Parts” sticker on this particular box – I’d hazard a guess this refers to the print and sleeve. 

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I have included in this article photos taken from my earlier article on AFV’s first F-5 but have also included shots of the new E Sprue and the (very modest) new PE fret which is where the small part variations are in this kit (apart from markings of course).. 

Markings, as described in the instructions, are all US Navy VFC-111 “Sundowners” BuNo’s 761552, 761548, 761537 and 761527 with camouflage colours described as grays, grayish blues, light blues, tan and wood brown. Decals are clear, on register and the colours are very nice. 

AFV’s series of F-5s is crying out for multiple builds. These diminutive fighters will take up only a small amount of space and provide such a great variety of colour and marking options that they just have to be winners. Recommended. 

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My thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this review sample. 

Nick Moore

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