1/48 Messerschmitt BF-109 F2 model kit

ZVE4802 from HobbyLink Japan

Product Article by Nick Moore on Nov 24 2010


Zvezda have released a kit of the Messerschmitt Bf-109 F2 with four marking options for the period 1941 to 1942. If you have not got your hands on one of these current generation Zvezda kits then now is the time. 

It is interesting to contrast this kit with the last article I completed for the Eduard La-7 in this scale. Whereas Eduard has supplied a very basic plastic kit supplemented by PE and masks, Zvezda has gone to great lengths to give you all the detail in plastic. Opening up this little box you find it quite full with four very busy sprues. Somebody at Zvezda has gone to a great deal of effort to give you as much detail as they can. From the engine bay to the cockpit there is a wealth of detail right out of the box. You also receive separate ailerons, flaps, elevators, leading edge slats, rudder and much more. It seems that if it can be articulated on the real plane then Zvezda will give you a part for it. 

It could well be argued that there is a case for rationalisation of some of these parts but Zvezda seem to have a style here that lends itself to the modeller who would like to just spend time building up all the little details into a satisfying whole – kind of old school but this is a lot better quality. Parts are cleanly cast and the detail is strong where necessary and subtle elsewhere (there is stitching detail in the wheel wells....) There is very little in the way of sinkage. You are provided with part and build options and also quite a good pilot figure. 

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Marking options, as described in the instructions, are 

  • Bf 109 F-2, Eastern Front, Summer, 1941
  • Bf 109 F-2 Major Hannes Trautloft, JG 54, Summer 1942 
  • Bf 109 F-2 Hans-Ekkehard Bob, June 23, 1941
  • Bf 109 F-2 Hans von Hahn, JG 3, July 1941

It has to said that the decals are a weakness in this kit as relative to the plastic they aren’t up to the same standard. Colours are bright and cleanly printed but are off register in a few places. 

To sum up, there is a great deal of quality modelling time packed into what at first sight appears to be a very modest package – but in fact is a real gem. 

This kit can be purchased here: http://www.hlj.com/product/ZVE4802 

My thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this review sample. 

Nick Moore

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Photos and text © by Nick Moore