1/32 Messerschmitt Bf109 E-1 model kit

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Product Article by Dave Johnson on Nov 17 2010


1/32 Messerschmitt Bf109 E-1 Weekend Kit available from HobbyLink Japan
Product #3401 (

The first major redesign of the early 109 series came with the E series, thisincluded the navalised variant of the Bf 109E, the Bf 109T (T standing for /Träger/, or carrier). The Bf 109E, or "Emil", introduced a number of structural changes in order to accommodate the heavier but significantly more powerful Daimler-Benz DB601 engine, the heavier armament and increased fuel capacity. Later variants of the Es introduced a fuselage bomb rack or provision for a long-range drop-tank, and used the DB 601N engine of(for) higher power output. The 109E first saw service with the Condor Legion during the last phase of the Spanish Civil War and was the mainstay variant at the start of World War 2 through until mid-1941 when the 109F replaced it in the pure fighter role in Luftwaffe service.

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The Kit -

 It’s seems a while ago that Eduard released the Profipack version of Bf109 E-1, but it was only in February 2009 and then they followed it up with the E-4 and Bf109 E-3 in late 2009. Back when the E-1 was released  it seemed like a lot " the modelling community was saying " do we need another 1/32 Bf 109?" The E series hadn’t been represented well for many years. The only releases were from Hasegawa with raised panel lines and a questionable shape profile. The other option is from Matchbox, with its poorly shaped front and wide panel lines and thick detailed parts.Both kits are dating back to the 1970’s.

 Eduard’s Weekend Editions offers a “No Frills” option of their ProfiPack kits. The weekend editions are normally around the half the price of the ProfiPack, but does not offer any of the Photo Etch parts or resin items (if there is any included), canopy masks and only one decal option. The sprue’s are packed in the sturdy boxes that Eduard uses, which also includes the side profiles and painting guide. The Bf109 E-1 Weekend kit has 147 olivey-green and 5 clear plastic parts that is supplied on 7 sprue’s. Although 12 parts are not used.

 The kit itself is molded very nicely up to Eduard standards. There are nice and crisp panel lines and rivet details on the exterior surfaces. There is still a small amount of flash on some parts, but there are no injector pin marks on any of the detailed surfaces. The control surfaces features a fabric sag look to them, to some it may look overdone, but it would be easy to fill them with some Mr Surfacer to get them to your

 As previous releases, the option of a fully detailed DB601 engine is included with the kit. This can be fitted showing or left out with the cowling on. If the second option is taken there are extra parts included in the kit to mount machine guns into the cowl, stubs and propeller.  Detail of the exhaust stubs are excellent with raised welding seems. The cowl is supplied in four separate parts also to show off all the engine bay or some of it.

 All the control surfaces parts are molded separately. Flaps have been molded with tabs to position them in a dropped position. These could be removed easily to gain raised position on them.

 Cockpit detail is excellent out of the box, but is missing that Photo Etch Seat Harness from the Profipack. This can be easily fixed with an Harness set from Eduard or another aftermarket manufacture. Looking at
 some references the oxygen bottles seems to be sitting to high due to being too long. 

Instructions are printed in black and white on a 8 A4 sized pages. The colour callouts are in RLM colour references and Mr Hobby acrylic and lacquer codes. Also for the first time as far as I know, Eduard have included the side, top and lower profile in the Weekend instructions. As the rest of Weekend releases from Eduard the kit comes with one marking option ofHannes Trautloft's plane in September 1939 when he was with 2./JG 77. It is in the standard RLM 70/71/65 splinter camo. The decal sheet itself is well printed with full data markings.

Overall, the kit is well worth the money even thou its not a ProfiPack option with all the extra goodies. Its beautifully produced and would be a superb kit for modellers with any level of experience under their belt.

I would like to thank Hobby Link Japan for supplying this review sample.

Dave Johnson

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