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1/32 F-14D Tomcat VFA-213 "Black Lions" Last Cruise/Work-Up's decal sheet

Product # FTD32-013 for $20.00 

Product  Article by Steve Bamford on Nov 4 2011


This decal sheet from Fightertown Decals includes markings for 5 different 1/32 F-14D's with VFA-213 "Black Lions".  This decal sheet includes a CAG jet, 1 Retro scheme and the Last Combat trap and 2 lo-viz line jets.


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The 5 aircraft include the following:. 

  • F-14D's Black Lion 200 VFA-213 "Black Lions" CAG

  • F-14D's Black Lion 213 VFA-213 "Black Lions" Retro

  • F-14D's Black Lion 204 VFA-213 "Black Lions" Last Combat Trap

  • F-14D's Black Lion 205 VFA-213 "Black Lions" Nose art

  • F-14D's Black Lion 212 VFA-213 "Black Lions" Line Jet

The decals are printed on 2 decal sheets with 2 insert decal sheets and includes formation lights and data markings. 

This decal sheet has plenty of variety for the F-14D's that flew with VFA-213 "Black Lions" and the Retro jet really caught my eye with it's more colourful markings.  But there is also plenty of history in the jets on this decal sheet, such as the Last Combat Trap jet.

You can buy this sheet directly from the Fightertown Decals website.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford